LIC AAO Interview Experience - Amol Gupte

Monday, 2 May 2016

I had my LIC AAO Interview at MUMBAI on 28/04/16 (10A.M)

Three officers were there . they were friendly … but at the same testing you carefully .

Tell me About yourself …….
That’s typical question which I had prepared … told everything.

Did you read todays Times of India  , what’s special ?
I had …… told about various things including Agusta deal corruption which was rocking since last week.

 Why LIC  your graduation in engineering ?
Explained …. Tried to convince them “Why” …. I had expected such questions .

­what do u think about the amount of money being spent on defense in India ?
Investing in Defense is very necessary …………… some one said if you work hard peaceful time then in war Time you can save blood .


Banking  What is NABARD ?

What are functions of RBI ?

NITI Aayog CEO ?  


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